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    My Birthday

    Yesterday was my birthday and it consisted of Craig buying some of the things I’ve been putting off buying for myself for too long. I got several pairs of shoes so I feel I should be good until I’m at least 40. And soon the glasses taped up with electrical tape will be gone as a new pair has been ordered and should ship soon. Emerson painted a painting that she saw a tutorial for online it’s very pretty. Other than that we at least got Emerson’s closet put back together after the great flood of 2019. We bought some waterproof vinyl flooring and put it down, I’m thinking since…

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    Books read 2/26

    Books read – 6 Pages read – 2188 I wasn’t sure that I was going to like The Bear and the Nightingale when I began reading it, I almost put it down for the book I started reading today, but I decided to stick with it for awhile and I’m so glad that I did. I really ended up loving the book, so much so that I recommended it to friends which isn’t something I would normally do. I spent most of yesterday with my face in my phone reading away and when I woke up in the middle of the night I decide to finish the book rather than…

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    Books I’ve Read This Year 2/18

    Books read – 5 Pages Read – 1876 It was sad to watch Stargirl’s spirit get crushed unintentionally by the one who seemed to love her differentness so much. Stargirl’s a homeschooler and as a homeschooling mom I had a soft spot for her weirdness and was crushed to see how mean the public school kids were to her. I’m sure all homeschoolers have come across the innocent weirdness and how completely a child can be themselves when left without outside interference and those are the ones that find the sweetest place in our hearts. I might have to read the second book just to see if Stargirl is back…

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    Books I’ve read this year 2/11

    For some reason my last post on 1/31 didn’t post so here are the books I’ve finished so far. I have really enjoyed all of them but I think Where’d You Go Bernadette is my favorite so far and may have to abandon my reading list so that I can read the rest of Maria Semple’s books. Books read so far – 4 Pages read so far – 1689

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    Daddy Daughter Dance 2/2

    People have lots of opinions about the Daddy Daughter Dance and I’m honestly not so sure what gets so many people’s panties in a bunch about them. But the opinion in this house is that they’re awesome. This was Emerson’s 4th year to go and Ellasyn’s 1st. Ellasyn began preparing for her first ddd the day after last years ended. Throughout the year she has put on dresses and told me this was the one, her dress for the ddd. Emerson has a group of friends that she and Craig attend with every year. And since the dance was on a Saturday this year we decided to get the girls…

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    January 13th – 6:55pm -11 years old

    11 years ago Emerson was born. It was a running joke then that I would deliver her during the Cowboys playoff game thus spoiling my husbands chance to watch the game. They made the playoffs again this year and almost played on her birthday again. However they played the day before and Craig had to celebrate Emerson’s birthday with the sting of another Cowboys playoff lose. We headed out to the movies and treated Emerson and the kids to the Marvel Spider-man into the Spider-verse. It did not disappoint and everyone enjoyed it even though Ellasyn refuses to accept anyone else as Spider Man other than Tom Holland. After the…

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    Current Wip

    I’m loving this little pattern. I found it before I ever learned to crochet and pinned it on Pinterest. I attempted it a couple of times and although it is a simple single crochet the pattern is a little tricky to follow in places.

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