14 years

Craig and I celebrated our 14th anniversary today. I’m still surprised he showed up at my dorm room that Friday afternoon to take me to the justice of the peace. We’ve come a long way and grown together a lot since then. We were basically babies still and are usually horrified when we hear about people getting married in their early 20s. Not that it was horrible but just like no one tells you how hard childbirth is no one tells you how hard marriage is until you’re in the trenches.

The first years were rough getting over the death of a parent and trying to navigate the first year  of marriage felt impossible at times. Then there were the years when we had two young children. We definitely had times where we faught more than we loved and I didn’t think we’d make it another week let alone another month or year. But we made it through those hard times and then one day we were on the other side of it. I don’t know what was so special about the 10 year mark but marriage got easier. Not that we don’t still fight cause we do, we’re two different personalities and sometimes they don’t mesh but, it’s easier now. There is definitely more loving than fighting. And my love for him runs deep it’s soaked down into my bones and it sometimes takes my breath away.

When I think about our future it seems uncertain we’re approaching – who am I kidding we are – middle age and who knows how many days we have left to spend together. I hope it’s decades and if someone has to go please let it be me because I couldn’t  and wouldn’t want to face life with out him by my side.

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