2011 – 2012 School Year

I loved using Moving Beyond the Page this year and highly recommend it but Ethan didn’t like it very much, his main complaint being it wasn’t hard enough. So this year I sat down researched and have put together our own curriculum. I’m nervous just thinking about going it on my own.

For Ethan

Spelling –Soaring With Spelling Level 1

Grammar –Growing With Grammar Level 1

Handwriting –Handwriting Without Tearshaven’t decided between 1st or 2nd grade level. My friend has both so I’m going to take a look before I purchase them. Decided on 2nd grade

Art –Meet the Masters Track A Year 1

Math –Teaching Textbooks Math 3 (if Ethan can pass the placement test when it comes time to order everything) or Mathematical Reasoning Level C I’m going to start with Mathematical reasoning level c and then move onto teaching textbooks when we finish

History –Story of the World Volume 1

Science – Classic Science Elementary Chemistry

Music – Children’s Music Journey

Some other things I plan on purchasing for the school year.

From Mindware

For Emerson

who asks daily where her school work is, I’m going to get

Mathematical Reasoning Beginning 1

I’m also going to have her do Meet the Masters and Children’s Music Journey with Ethan


lapbooks for alphabet, numbers, seasons, days of the week, and months

If she starts showing signs that she is ready to learn to read I’m thinking around her 4th birthday or so I’ll purchase Headsprout for her.

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