2011 Not Back to School Blog Hop

I missed last week, it was Ethan’s birthday and I didn’t think about posting until the end of the week. I have posted the curriculum I’m using here if you’d like to take a look. I have dropped Story of the World and Science. We just started our fourth week of school and are do most of our schooling right here. That’s our coffee table and couch. Usually Ethan pulls up a Little Tykes chair to the coffee table but today he sat/lounged/laid on the couch while doing school.

On Thursdays, we doing our Children’s Music Journey program and so I set up 2 keyboards. One in my room, where one of the kids will practice, and one in the living room, where the other does there lesson. (If you’re wondering what is up with the dip in my bed it’s a Sleep Number bed and they look kind of weird when no one is in them.)

We occasionally do school at our kitchen table, but right now it is under my sewing machine, material, a box full of trophies for our flag football team, and a broken dog bank. To the right of the table are my books and to the left is children’s books.

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