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    Current Wip

    I’m loving this little pattern. I found it before I ever learned to crochet and pinned it on Pinterest. I attempted it a couple of times and although it is a simple single crochet the pattern is a little tricky to follow in places.

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    Yeah, that’s it, that’s my current weight.  I have like 10 pounds and change to go to reach my first weight loss goal.  But now it’s out there in the internet. Working on staying motivated, working on changing eating habits. I’m okay with the weight coming off slowly I just want to end the month less than what I started.

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    Parenting style: Winging it

    I saw a shirt that read parenting style: Survivalist. I thought that was cute and so looked up survivalist and well that definitely wasn’t me. I rarely feel prepared and I totally don’t have a stockpile of anything but dirty laundry. So I thought about what would describe me and it has to be winging it. My parenting style is mostly adapted from growing up with a large extended family that spend a lot of time together and observing what I liked and didn’t and adapting it as I, myself, became a parent.   If you would like to order a shirt please contact me at Melanie@monkeyandaprincess.com

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