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I’m working backwards to talk about some of Ethan’s football games. Saturday was an exciting game. Craig was very worried about how this game was going to turn out. We are in a very small association so we play each team 3 times before going into the playoffs. The first time we played the Pitbulls we won by 1 point, the second time we lost by 2 points. Last week, Craig went up to the field to get reimbursed for some purchases and saw that the Cowboys and Pitbulls were tied at close to the end of the 4th quarter, 26-26. So he thought it was very possible that we would lose to the Cowboys, giving them their first win of the season and he didn’t want to do that. To make it a little more stressful, he was missing he two offensive coaches, which meant he would be out on the field the entirety of the game.

Our boys had a great game! They really pulled together as a team and we couldn’t have been more proud. Ethan had his best game so far. He threw a touchdown pass and pulled 2 flags. Also, he came about 6 inches from scoring an extra point.

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