A very eventful day

The day of Ethan’s Super Bowl(they didn’t win) was pretty eventful for Ethan.  He almost poked his eye out tripping at Oshkosh and then lost his first tooth.

We went into Oshkosh to get Emerson a jacket, she didn’t want one (although she did end up getting one) so I asked Ethan to go and look at clothes. He went over to the boys side of the store but wasn’t exactly happy about it. He was mopping and pouting and ended up tripping and slamming his face into a metal hook protruding from the wall. It caught him at his cheek and went up to his eyebrow. Thank goodness for the body’s reaction to squint or he would have had a very different ending.

When we’re out at the outlet there aren’t very many places to eat so we usually stop at the IHop. He was eatting his pancakes and stopped and with a very weird expression on his face said “I think my tooth’s ready to come out” He opened his mouth and he was right his tooth was ready cause it was just laying there. It has been about 3 weeks and his adult tooth is starting to come in. His baby tooth next to it is now loose. I guess it’s time to look into how much the tooth fairy leaves for second teeth.

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