I saw this on pinterest and tried it out. It was so good!! I forgot how much I love my pizza dough recipe.

I used my pizza dough recipe for my bread maker

  • warm water – recipe calls for 3/4 cups, I use 1 cup
  • oil – recipe calls for 1 tbsp, I use 2 tbsps
  • sugar 1 tbsp
  • salt 1 1/2 tsp
  • dry milk 1 tbsp
  • flour 2 1/4 cups, recipe calls for bread flour but I prefer to use all purpose for my pizza dough, I just like the way the crusts tastes with it
  • active dry yeast 1 tsp

After that was done I rolled it out on my stoneware cookie sheet. In the middle I brushed on some pizza sauce, I usually make my own but I cheated and used the Great Value brand pizza sauce, it’s pretty good. Then laid out the pepperonis and a thin layer of cheese. I’ve learned that cheese goes a long way on a pizza if you put it on too thick it will over power the pizza.

Cook at 425, for about 20 minutes it took me longer because I was using a stoneware.

When I was cooking it i was worried that it was going to be weird and flat looking, it puffed up a little during baking but it was still more flat then round.

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