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    School plans so far

    I have received most of the Moving Beyond the Page curriculum that we’ll be using next year. I’m waiting on a book that goes with Concept 3 and all of RightStart Math. I am aiming to finish the Winter Olympics lapbook by the end of the month, if not I think we’ll just ditch it. We’ve done a lot so if I tell Ethan it’s done I’m pretty sure he’ll believe me. Ethan loves to learn about the human body, he likes to get out my Gray’s Anatomy coloring book (not to be confused with Grey’s Anatomy, the show) and Rapid Review Anatomy Reference Guide. So for that reason I…

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    Lots has been going on

    and I have really been slacking off on posting. So lets hit some bullet points Emerson is starting to potty train. We are putting her in panties at the house and she is doing really well. A couple of days ago she woke up rushed to the bathroom and poopied in it!! Yay for her! We still put her in a diaper when leaving the house and at bedtime/naptime but she gets really upset if she potties in her diaper, it is so sad. I can’t believe she is doing so well at 2 years old when Ethan didn’t start until much later. Ethan is reading his first chapter book,…

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    Thinking about 'school'

    One of the things I have learned this year while homeschooling for preschool is that since we are home we don’t have to do school M-F 8 -3. I can do it any day and anytime of day.  I know that seems silly and kind of like a duh! thing but for me it was a big revelation and very freeing. I’m getting ready to order our material for next year and am really getting antsy about it. I’m trying to wait, I read on their web site that they run discounts in April.  But I want it, I want to get it, and look at it, and plan. I…

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    Week 1, Day 1 and 2

    This is going so much better then any previously attempted lapbooks. Monkey is interested and retaining information. He is really proud of it and unlike anything else we have done since August he showed it off to Big Daddy. We learned a little bit about the original Olympics, I left out the parts about animal sacrifices and skipped to the sports. He colored the a Canadian flag and a Greek flag. We have talked about time zones, all though I’m pretty sure that went over his head, but that’s okay he’s 4 I’m sure we’ll cover it again some day. We’ve learned about the Olympic flag and what the rings…

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    Since Christmas we have really been taking it easy. Monkey does a couple of Headsprout episodes a week and occasionally we will do a worksheet. Tomorrow  we are going to start a lapbook that I found on Homeschool Share that focuses on the 2010 Olympics. We haven’t had much luck with lapbooks so far so I’m a little nervous. Monkey has looked at it a little bit and seems excited to get started so I’m taking that as a good sign. If we’re successful I’ll post pictures of it, if were not I’ll probably never bring it up again, lol.

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    Literature Guide

    From I don’t know if I’m the only person who clicks on advertisements on web sites that they visit but I have really gotten into the habit of doing it. One of those clicks led me to this website, I think this is pretty neat and am now planning to add this to our curriculum for next year.  I’m so excited and can’t wait to use it. From their web site: Blackbird & Company products have been developed with the fundamental belief that curiosity and imagination are vital to the emotional, intellectual, and spiritual well being of the child. Stimulating the heart, mind, and soul is essential to a full…

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