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    "Home schooling is the new black!"

    From Confessions of a home-schooler (click here to read full article) “As I say, I understand this a little bit better than I did at first. For one thing, I’m not sure any man can really grasp the competing and largely incompatible demands faced these days by American women, who are expected to be providers, power brokers, nurturers and sex symbols, either all at the same time or in rapid succession. Whether they’re working-class or middle-class, most working mothers feel fundamentally torn between home and the workplace. They get shunted into mommy-track careers if they seem insufficiently devoted to their corporate overlords while getting grief from mothers-in-law for not spending…

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    Wow, it has been quite awhile

    Not too much has happened around here. We are making an adjustment to homeschooling Monkey, he loves it. I thought he would resist but not yet. My only concern for him is that I worry he is too smart. I’m not even sure if that is a legitimate worry and as far as parenting worries can go I’ll gladly take that one. I guess really my concern lies with the decision that we will make in two years as to whether to continue homeschooling or to put him in public school. If he gets too far ahead he will be miserable but on the other hand I don’t want to…

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    Children's Lit

    Monkey and I are about to embark on at least a two year long journey together of home schooling.  I’ve picked my curriculum for prek and Kindergarten and am really excited to get started.  It’s called Moving Beyond the Page and is lit based.  Oddly enough one complaint I found is that there aren’t enough books included.  I scratched my head and wondered why the parents couldn’t just supplement with other books they find at their local library, Barnes and Noble, Half Priced Books, etc. So last night I decided to see if there are any reecommended reading lists for children Monkeys age – 4. I came across some really…

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