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    Two web sites to check out

    If you want an Earth friendly product here is the place to look. They have everything that you will need to clean yourself, the kids, and the house. Also, unless the bottles are minuscule the prices seem really nice on the pocketbook. The other website, and it might fall more under frugal then green, is Swap Thing . If you are familiar with freecycle, and like using it, you might check out this website since it is very similar.

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    Sometime in the next week or so I’ll be moving my blog. I’ve been working on a website, www.monkeyandaprincess.com , and I’m going to host my blog over there. The website is up, feel free to take a look. I’m still working on it so don’t judge me for broken links and such.

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    My Blackberry

    Several years ago I had a blackberry and I loved it but it kept breaking so I traded it in for a normal flip phone. Well for Valentines day Craig and I got Blackberry Curves. I think we have both fallen in love with electronic equipment. I can Facebook, check in on my mom boards, surf the internet, watch TV, listen to the radio, listen to an mp3 player, take pictures, take video, upload and look at Picasa, read a book, and play games. Craig, being a very loyal P1, even streams 1310 the ticket. Oh and I love Google Maps on it. I will never have to ask Craig…

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    Can you be a mother when your baby is not with you

    I read this on a friends blog. It took me several tries to finish it because at times the tears just fell too hard and too fast. Katarina has been gone almost a whole year and at times it still seems unreal. I miss you baby girl. I thought of you and closed my eyesAnd prayed to God todayI asked “What makes a Mother?”And I know I heard Him say. “A Mother has a baby”This we know is true“But God can you be a Mother,when your baby’s not with you?” “Yes, you can,” He repliedWith confidence in His voice“I give many women babies,When they leave is not their choice. Some…

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    How inconsiderate

    http://homebirthdebate.blogspot.com/ I understand that people are anti midwife, birth center, home birth, and unassisted birth that is there prerogative. I am not going to force them to have an unmedicated out of hospital birth and I’m not going to look down on someone for whatever way they choose to birth. So I hope that they would not chose to judge me or a friend for the way we decide to birth. I especially expect someone to behave respectfully during somebodies time of grief and not prey on them and use them for anti homebirth propaganda. Today I noticed that my blog had had an obscene amount of views for one…

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    Katarina didn't make it

    If I sit still that is all I hear repeating on a loop in my head. I feel like I have been talking and on the go all day to keep the voices at bay. I woke up late this morning and watched the news and a little bit of Regis and Kelly. Then I remembered that my phone was dead and started searching for the charger to get it plugged in. As soon as the phone got turned on and entered a service area my phone blew up with rings and beeps. The first thing was a voice mail, from Nane. I listen to a piece of it “Hey…

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