Elf on the Shelf Days 1 – 4

Jangle, our Elf on the Shelf appeared at our house on December 2nd. He showed up sitting in our Christmas tree with a little note for Ethan and Emerson.

December 3rd, Jangle got into our stash of marshmallows and made himself a chair

On the 4th, he got into our shopping bag and dragged out Ethan’s Sugar Babies. When Ethan woke up and saw him he got pissed and grabbed his candy up and threw Jangle down onto the floor. Over reaction – TOTALLY! He is sick and hasn’t been sleeping well so he’s been leaning toward irrationality lately. This picture is a recreation with my milk duds.


On the 5th, Jangle had a visit from his brother Jingle and they played a game of tic tac toe on my mirror that is above the mantle.

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