Elf on the Shelf Days 5 – 11

Day 5 Jangle helped the kids out and put the lights on the little tree for them.

Day 6- Jangle read Twas the Night Before Christmas with Bitty Baby

Day 7 – Jangle got into the pantry and got stuck in the raisins.

Day 8 -Jangle popped some popcorn, found a friend – Ethan’s Christmas dog, and got out a Christmas movie for the kids. They didn’t pay a lick of attention to the movie and after eating 3/4 of the popcorn they threw the rest on the floor. I was pretty disappointed in that behavior, I’m sure Santa got an earful that night.

Day 9 – Jangle and his friend, the Christmas dog, were found playing in our new glasses.

Day 10 -Jangle brought the kids some Christmas books.

Day 11 – The kids messed with him so much the previous day that I hid him, I’m mean like that. I told them that they must have touched him too much and that he needed some extra time in the North Pole to recharge his magic. (If you aren’t in on the elf on the shelf info, in the book it tells the children not to touch him because he will lose his magic)

Day 12 – Jangle was back and up on our fan. Note to self: dust fan, oops. Jangle was a little dirty after this.

Day 13 – Jangle turned the toilet water green. No pictures of that because, well, I wait to take pictures until the kids find him and, well, certain events had already taken place in the toilet. So it was kind of eww.

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