I really neglected to blog about Emerson turning 3and I feel really bad about it so the next couple of posts will be about her.

I don’t know how my sweet little girl, my baby, is already 3.  We made it through the 2s with little incident, so I guess it is only fair that the 3’s are hitting us hard. She has become defiant and outspoken, funny and artistic.

She loves to dress up and sing songs into her Hello Kitty microphone. She plays mommy to her baby dolls and wizards, Mario and Luigi, and guns with her brother. Just when I think she couldn’t be any girlier she runs through the room with a camoflouge hat on, a gun in her hand, or laughs at farts.

When Ethan and I sit down to work on school for the day she demands school work for herself. She loves to be read to and always wants to know what things say, even the signs on the highway.

She is entering her 3rd year of her love affair with Tinkerbell and has now also discovered Dora the Explorer.

She’s completely day time potty trained and doesn’t sleep in our room anymore. I guess you could say the kids are cosleeping or bedsharing now.

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