Ethan's Hand vs the Car Door

I am literally still sick to my stomach. I was hustling the kids to gymnastics this afternoon and didn’t think twice when I locked the car door and slammed the door shut. It didn’t catch all the way and I leaned forward to give it a shove when I realized Ethan’s hand was in the door. Shit! I lifted the handle and pulled, the door didn’t open. Ethan started wailing. Shit! I hit the unlock button and pulled again, hard enough that the door handle came off in my hand and I stumbled backwards. Shit, shit, shit! At gymnastics between classes a teacher is assigned to the door to greet people and I’m sure watch to make sure no children make a break for it without their parents. I motioned for one to come.¬† And she hearing Ethan realized something was wrong and started to run to us. As she ran out, I called to her. “His hand is stuck in the door. It’s jammed, I’m going to try to open it from the inside.” At this point, thank fully a Dad ran over. He couldn’t open the door either but took my place inside of the car. Another father, drove past and saw what was going on. He stopped in the middle of the parking lot and came to help. I looked at him and yelled “A crow bar, we need a crow bar” He went to his car and brought back what has to be the largest flat head screw driver I have ever seen. So large that I first thought he was bringing the tiniest crow bar I’d ever seen. There was, thankfully, a small gap in between the door and the car. He put it at the top and the worker and I pulled while the other father pushed from the inside. We got that pulled open and his pointer and middle finger were free. He moved it down further and we pushed and pulled until Ethan could pull his fingers out. I wanted to cry and scream right along with him, I was so scared. The father with the screw driver¬† said” okay, now he’s out, you don’t want to take any chances take him to the er and get him xrayed” I checked out his hand and it looked alright. He was able to move all his fingers and other then a cut on one finger and a line across the others he was fine. We went inside and another coach had an ice pack ready for him.

One of them had called an ambulance and the paramedics came in to talk to us. They had Ethan bend his fingers just as I had done by the side of the car and asked if they could help us any further. With nothing left to do they left. Ethan sat for a moment and I asked if he wanted to go home or if he felt like he could or wanted to go to class. He said he wanted to see if he could do his back flip so sat there for a little while longer and then went to class. I was shocked. Years earlier Craig had closed my hand in the same damn door and I can assure you if I could have done them I would not have been wanting to do back flips after it happened. He was fine and so I let him go to class with the understanding that if it hurt too bad he would stop. By the time class was over the cut on his hand had already healed. It always amazes me how quickly my kids heal. I feel like less then crap and will probably be letting him get away with way to much for a little while.

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  • Stacie

    Wow that is kind of scary but it’s awesome how you had people helping to get your sons hand out of the car. I think I would have been in tears and in a panic. I don’t think well in situations like that. So glad to hear that your sons hand is ok.

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