Homecoming Week

In our house, and many others, it is homecoming time. We’re turning into a football family – whether I like it or not. I love to watch our little boys, and they are little ranging in age 4 – 6, out on the field and the close friendships that are forming. More than likely these boys will spend the next 7 – 10 years out on the baseball and football fields together and I think that is really cool. This is our second season and I feel like I have 14 boys on the field not just 1, I guess spending that much time together will do that.

This week, is a little more special then others. It’s homecoming week. We have been busy making a float, garters, and flowers to give the cheerleaders. During half time the boys will walk on the arm of a little mascot cheerleader and hand her a flower. Last year, the boys walked with the moms and I’m going to miss that, but I think after taking a couple of days to adjust I’m okay with the idea.  I’m still going to have a lump in my throat, I’m sure, but it will be one that I get when my babies do something new or I’m proud of them (since having kids everything makes me tear up).

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