Homeschool – Week 5 and 6 in Review

We didn’t do much last week. Ethan wasn’t feeling too well and his attention span was in the negative range. We did lessons 9 and 10 and started the Final Project for MBTP and did lessons 10 and 11 in RSM.

Week 6 was much more productive

Monday – We finished up Concept 1 Unit 1 Final Project in MBTP and completed RSM lesson 12 and 13. I can’t wait to be done with part/wholes I feel like it’s just making everything harder then it has to be. We did a little bit of work with money and Ethan was very excited. One of his favorite things to do is dump out his doggy bank and count up the coins to see how much money is in them.

He also read 3 chapters (28 pages) in Fitch & Chip Who’s Afraid of Granny Wolf? By Lisa Wheeler

Tuesday – We started Concept 1 Unit 2 in Moving Beyond the Page. Ethan has been on a weather kick since he got an email from his grandma this summer that mentioned Hurricane Katrina, so I think he will enjoy the unit. He completed lessons 1 and 2.

He finished Fitch & Chip Who’s Afraid of Granny Wolf? and started When Pigs Fly

Thursday –  We completed Right Start Math Lesson 15 and Moving Beyond the Page Lesson 3. Lesson 3 was a huge fail. We had to take the temperature of 3 glasses of water – ice cold, tap, and hot water. We could only get a thermometer to work for the hot water but Ethan got the point. Fail number two, they wanted Ethan to do an acrostic he was completely overwhelmed and it was way above his level. I felt so bad for him and it was probably the most I’ve helped him since we started school.

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