I will never live up north, never ever

I’m pretty sure this is going to be a bitch fest, you’ve been warned.

I really thought I hated Texas summers and fantasized that some day I would live up north. I would enjoy the snow and the nice mild summers. Perhaps, if I was still a child I would enjoy it- playing out there making snowmen, forts, and snow angels and having snowball fights. I’m sure then it would have been awesome but now as an adult I’m pretty sure I would just think it sucked. I can now say that I would not enjoy the snow. As sucky as summer gets here I have never lost power for 17 hours and I’ve never been stuck in my own driveway. I’m also no longer under the illusion that a fireplace can warm a house or even a room or a 5 foot area around it.

On Thursday I learned the following things.

  • Big Daddy and I are not boy scouts, we were completely unprepared. We didn’t know where any working flash lights were and when we found a nonworking one we couldn’t find the d batteries we needed.  We even went to our old go too and started raiding toys.
  • If you’re parked on an incline you should move your car before there is 6 inches or more of snow behind your car. Snow might look light and fluffy but it’s a total bitch to shovel.
  • When it’s really cold outside the temperatures drop fast in your house, 10 degrees in 5 hours, and a quilt is not going to keep you warm.
  • Paperless billing sounds like a great idea until it’s 4 am and your cold and cranky and can’t call Oncor because you don’t have the ESID number.  Apparently they don’t have our phone number because they didn’t like any of the numbers I entered.
  • Keep food in your house that doesn’t need to be cooked.
  • After your power has been out for a certain amount of time the snow outside is colder then your fridge. So we buried our food. I wish I would have taken a picture because I’m pretty sure there is a “You might be a redneck” joke in there somewhere.
  • And, okay, something positive. 10 – 13 inches of snow is breathtakingly beautiful and I was really happy that I got to experience this, hopefully, once and a lifetime moment with my kids.

If you would like to see all of the pictures I took you can click here.

I think there are close to 200.

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