January 13th – 6:55pm -11 years old

Exactly 11

11 years ago Emerson was born. It was a running joke then that I would deliver her during the Cowboys playoff game thus spoiling my husbands chance to watch the game. They made the playoffs again this year and almost played on her birthday again. However they played the day before and Craig had to celebrate Emerson’s birthday with the sting of another Cowboys playoff lose.

We headed out to the movies and treated Emerson and the kids to the Marvel Spider-man into the Spider-verse. It did not disappoint and everyone enjoyed it even though Ellasyn refuses to accept anyone else as Spider Man other than Tom Holland. After the movies we spent a relaxing rest of the day at home and Emerson and Ethan played xbox together.

Lung strengthening exercise

Dinner was Olive Garden followed by an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. Craig purchased some of the candles that relight and me thinking that they might not really work great put all 20 on the cake. It took Emerson almost 3 minutes to blow the candles out and at one point she coughed on all the smoke. But it was fun and worth it, I think.

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