January 9th

Worked on several things for Emerson’s room. I’ll have to get pictures tomorrow. Craig asked if one of the signs is for a little girl. I told him she’s not really a little girl anymore, she’s going to be getting boobs soon. Poor Daddy isn’t ready for that. His face was funny.

Ellasyn insisted on wearing this skirt as a shirt today. I didn’t get a very good picture but you came sort of see it. She also informed me she was leaving and going to the football field.

​Ellasyn’s newest obsession is Barbie dolls and Emerson’s old Barbie doll house. She has spent hours the last couple of days sitting in front of it and acting out stories. Today Grandpa Pig from Peppa Pig came over and was given a tour of the house. I’m amazed at her development and how different she is having such older siblings to learn from.

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