Marathon Kids

Marathon Kids is a really cool program that is offered to kids in kindergarten – 5th grade for completely FREE!! Ethan’s favorite thing to do in this world is run. He wants to run long and fast and forever. I love that about him!

The goal is for each child to run the length of a marathon, 26.2 miles over a period of about 6 months. Many schools from the surrounding school districts and homeschool children participate. One of the emails said that they expected 50.000 children to show up. Thankfully there was only a fraction of that or we never would have made it in and out of the stadium in a reasonable amount of time.

I’m not sure who the MC was but she was very bubbly and I thought she was a hoot. She was a teacher at one of the schools, I think, and that school has got to be lucky to have a teacher who cares as much as she does.

The kids do most of it on their own but part of the first mile and part of the last mile are run at Loos Stadium in Addison. Ethan’s first run was the Saturday before Halloween and he was really excited.

He got to wear his Luigi costume which made it a little extra special and then to top things off we ran into some of our homeschooling friends.

This is Ethan after finishing the 1/4 to 1/2 mile run. He ran the whole way and was ready to go again.

BTW, this is the day that Emerson got called a boy FOUR times.

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