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Marshmallow centerpiece

I got the idea for this from a blog I saw on Craft Crave. I think it turned out really cute but it was such a pain in the butt to make. It was supposed to be marshmallows dipped in white chocolate but it didn’t work out according to plan so there was a lot of improvising. The orange ones are white chocolate and so are some of the purple, the rest of the purple and the green ones were made out of icing.

I used a plastic cauldron that I have had forever and used to use to pass out candy on Halloween. I put a couple of, 3 to be exact, Walmart bags in the bottom and then an egg carton on top of that. When putting the marshmallow skewers in I tried to be mindful of where I was putting them and keep it even to avoid having it tip over. If you look at my coffee maker in the background you can see that I was not entirely successful. My biggest problem with the white chocolate was that for some reason when I added the green it really thickened up and there was no way I could get it on the marshmallows. The orange and some of the purple went on great. I used a Wilton spatula to smooth the icing on just like I would do if I were icing a cake.

Would I make it again? Maybe… I think it turned out really cute and the marshmallows seemed to be a hit. The kids ate most of theirs and my husband ate several of the left overs. I would definitely do smaller marshmallows, these were huge. They were about twice the size of what I was thinking of when I told my husband I wanted big marshmallows. Lesson learned there are more then just miniature and big, they are also sold in gargantuan size(I think that also lead to the top heavy tipping problem I was having). I also would have liked to have put candy corn on the bottom like the girl on the blog that I read, I wish I had a link to it, but turns out stores don’t carry candy corn after Halloween – who knew? Not ME!!

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