Michael Jackson

When Michael Jackson died about a week and a half ago I wasn’t devastated, I was shocked and it seemed a little unreal but other than that it was life as normal.  There were no tears shed I called Big Daddy in disbelief and said “you will not believe who died today”. Like most people my age and older I grew up listening to Michael Jackson’s songs.  Some couldn’t keep you from dancing and some moved you more emotionally then physically.  One of my all time favorite songs though was “Human Nature”.

I hadn’t planned on watching the memorial service, I didn’t even know that it was on until an hour into it but I sat down and watched it and the little girl in me cried.  I didn’t cry for the Michael Jackson that he had been in recent years the one who might or might not have done some pretty horrible and weird things but the Michael Jackson of my childhood.  The guy who made amazing music and inspired people to wear one glove and moonwalk everywhere.

It didn’t take me long to recognize the song when John Mayer took the stage and his rendition was beautiful.  The way he made his guitar ‘talk’ was reminiscent of Peter Frampton.  The other performers were wonderful but this one brought me to tears.

John Mayer – Human Nature – Michael Jackson Tribute (July 7 2009) L.A.

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