My Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday and it consisted of Craig buying some of the things I’ve been putting off buying for myself for too long. I got several pairs of shoes so I feel I should be good until I’m at least 40. And soon the glasses taped up with electrical tape will be gone as a new pair has been ordered and should ship soon. Emerson painted a painting that she saw a tutorial for online it’s very pretty. Other than that we at least got Emerson’s closet put back together after the great flood of 2019. We bought some waterproof vinyl flooring and put it down, I’m thinking since Ellasyn’s closet also borders the kid’s bathroom we’ll put it down in her closet and maybe our closet as well. But since we only have a big plumbing problem like this every 2 – 3 years we have a little bit of time to prepare and redo floors.

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