Opening Ceremony and 2 games

Yesterday, we had the opening ceremony for baseball and a double header.

The opening ceremony was a complete waste of time. The kids stood on the field and did absolutely nothing. They did do the drawing for all of the raffle tickets. We didn’t win anything but a mom on our team one the 42″ TV, so that was kind of cool.

The PA system they have didn’t work. So they used the one in a police car, gotta love living in a small town.

Emerson got to draw one of the raffle tickets

But the boys mostly looked like this

Then they had two games 1 playing the Blacksox and another against the Braves. We did okay against the Blacksox and one but were stomped by the Braves. We didn’t even get to score. Last year, our team, the Rockets, dominated for the most part only losing one game all season. Now most of our team has aged out and moved on to coach pitch.

Part of the first game and the second game I worked it the dug out. It SUCKED!!! It was like dealing with Ethan on his worst day * 14 kids.  I hope to never end up in there again.

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  • Chantal

    Hi! I am newly reading your blog! I found you through mom bloggers club. My husband is being transferred to Dallas from Boston, so I am trying to get a little library of Dallas mom blogs to read to get an idea of what it is like to be a parent down there. We have been in Boston all our lives, we didn’t even go away to college but stayed right here, so the idea of leaving is a little nerve racking, so I am trying to get a feel of it before it happens! We have never even visited Texas!

    I look forward to reading your blog, and if you have any Dallas advice, please pass it along!!!

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