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    New Years Goals

                  read 100 books work on digital scrapbooking 15 minutes per day eat 1100 – 1500 calories per day exercise a total of 7830 minutes make at least 12 things I’ve pinned on pinterest make more things from scratch learn to crochet or knit be a better wife and mom do at least 1 craft project with the kids per week get rid of junk in the garage be a better house keepter

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    Time out jar

    So unless you’re Super Nanny, I think, we can agree that disciplining our children is hard. I saw this on pinterest, I say that a lot these days. This is a jar to use during time outs. It is filled with water (that I dyed with my gel food color), glue, and glitter (ours has a ton of glitter in it because Emerson kept asking for more colors.) The idea is that you or your child shake it up and then watch the glitter settle back down to the bottom. It is mesmerizing and soothing. Now I just need to remember to use it.

  • Cooking


    I saw this on pinterest and tried it out. It was so good!! I forgot how much I love my pizza dough recipe. I used my pizza dough recipe for my bread maker warm water – recipe calls for 3/4 cups, I use 1 cup oil – recipe calls for 1 tbsp, I use 2 tbsps sugar 1 tbsp salt 1 1/2 tsp dry milk 1 tbsp flour 2 1/4 cups, recipe calls for bread flour but I prefer to use all purpose for my pizza dough, I just like the way the crusts tastes with it active dry yeast 1 tsp After that was done I rolled it out…

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    Elf on the Shelf Days 5 – 11

    Day 5 Jangle helped the kids out and put the lights on the little tree for them. Day 6- Jangle read Twas the Night Before Christmas with Bitty Baby Day 7 – Jangle got into the pantry and got stuck in the raisins. Day 8 -Jangle popped some popcorn, found a friend – Ethan’s Christmas dog, and got out a Christmas movie for the kids. They didn’t pay a lick of attention to the movie and after eating 3/4 of the popcorn they threw the rest on the floor. I was pretty disappointed in that behavior, I’m sure Santa got an earful that night. Day 9 – Jangle and his…

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    O Christmas Tree

    After Ethan finished with school I told them they could decorate the miniature tree. They had previously put a handful of ornaments on the tree and they carefully removed them because Ethan decided that they needed to put lights on the tree. That’s about as far as they got because Ethan was upset that it couldn’t be perfect. My poor boy and his obsession with perfection. 🙁 I told him they don’t need to be perfect, the other trees aren’t perfect. To which he replied, yes they are. Which I don’t think they are, but I grew up with a mother that was a perfectionist who put over 800 white…

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    Elf on the Shelf Days 1 – 4

    Jangle, our Elf on the Shelf appeared at our house on December 2nd. He showed up sitting in our Christmas tree with a little note for Ethan and Emerson. December 3rd, Jangle got into our stash of marshmallows and made himself a chair On the 4th, he got into our shopping bag and dragged out Ethan’s Sugar Babies. When Ethan woke up and saw him he got pissed and grabbed his candy up and threw Jangle down onto the floor. Over reaction – TOTALLY! He is sick and hasn’t been sleeping well so he’s been leaning toward irrationality lately. This picture is a recreation with my milk duds.   On…

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