Weight loss

Really doing it this time, I swear

When I was 25 I made myself a promise. I didn’t start my 20’s fat, I’m not going to end them that way. Well, in 2 days I’ll be 29. I’ve wasted too many years being fat and miserable and that WILL change. I weighed myself this morning and it kills me to put this out in public but the scale read 216.9.  I think that is only slightly less then what I weighed when I had Princess P 2 years ago. I realized the other day that the people that have really lost weight have either been working really closely with a friend, have a gym membership, or both. So last night I got online and joined 24 Hour Fitness, again, for the 3rd time in 11 years.  So that gives me 367 days to lose 75-100 pounds. Wish me luck cause I’m so ready.

**Before pictures to come soon**

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