School plans so far

I have received most of the Moving Beyond the Page curriculum that we’ll be using next year. I’m waiting on a book that goes with Concept 3 and all of RightStart Math.

I am aiming to finish the Winter Olympics lapbook by the end of the month, if not I think we’ll just ditch it. We’ve done a lot so if I tell Ethan it’s done I’m pretty sure he’ll believe me. Ethan loves to learn about the human body, he likes to get out my Gray’s Anatomy coloring book (not to be confused with Grey’s Anatomy, the show) and Rapid Review Anatomy Reference Guide. So for that reason I could not pass up this, which is a study of the body geared towards younger elementary aged children.  We will start that in May and carry on for the 33 weeks. Taking breaks when we break from the MBtp curriculum, which if we have the RightStart and maybe even if we don’t, I will start him on in June and follow a 4 day school week with breaks at the end of each unit (more for leeway with getting behind schedule) and the conclusion of each of the 4 concepts.

So for the summer our schedule will be: school in the morning, gym for me to work out, and then we’ll head up to the pool.  I told Ethan that I really want him to learn to swim this summer, I think he is too old now to not know how to swim.

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