Snow, real snow

This was our neighborhood at almost 8 this morning. I stopped watching the news a couple of months ago so didn’t know what we had in store for the day. Monkey had been asking us when it would snow and I was so excited to let him know that it had finally come. I held off and waited as long as I could before I went to wake him up. His response when I told him, “I know” very matter of factly with no excitement what so ever in his voice. What a joy kill. I helped him get bundled up and he was off for some fun in the snow before his sister got up. Shortly after breakfast, which in our house is anywhere between 9 and 10, our power went out and it went out again and then it went out again for a whole hour. I was really starting to worry that we would have to leave because the temperature in the house was dropping fast when the heater cut on and the house lit up.

I brought Princess P to the window and showed her outside, her response was much more enthusiastic “Cake!” but still not what I was looking for. I told her it was snow and we all got bundled up for Princess P’s first time in snow.  She was less then impressed but since Monkey was enjoying it she felt she needed to stick it out too.

I finally dragged them back in for school and nap time. By the time we went back out the snow was so high that Princess P was having trouble walking around. She was really hating it this go around and kept trying to talk Monkey into going in but he wasn’t listening to her pleas at all. I forced them both in when I realized that they were wearing fleece lined crocs but no socks. Yep, that’s me “mom of the year”. Their feet were amazingly warm except for the little part that was exposed. Monkey didn’t get what was so wrong with it and had a complete meltdown, fun stuff. Princess P went down for a record second nap so I let him go back outside. That only lasted 5 minutes because Big Daddy showed up with pizza and apparently pizza is better then snow. Even if he’ll probably never see this much snow again.

I need to check the news web sites because they were throwing around the word historical a lot this evening. I also might call in to Viewer’s Voice and thank them for not saying an historical. Ugh, that really grates on my nerves.

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