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Movin on up

Last week Ethan moved up from Kids Gym 2 to Boys Bronze. They wanted him to move to Silver but after watching class last Wednesday I’m really glad that our schedule prevented that from happening.

Looking over his skills list I think he pretty much has all of his trampoline skills down and most of floor skills. He will now also be doing parallel bars, rings, vaulting, and I think there is something else. He said the class was hard, lol, and I would have to agree. He has a really strong trunk and I think pretty soon he’ll have an upper body to match. I, sadly, forgot my camera so I don’t have pictures of his first day of class. But I did get pictures of his last day in Kids Gym 2.

Wow, it has been quite awhile

Not too much has happened around here. We are making an adjustment to homeschooling Monkey, he loves it. I thought he would resist but not yet. My only concern for him is that I worry he is too smart. I’m not even sure if that is a legitimate worry and as far as parenting worries can go I’ll gladly take that one. I guess really my concern lies with the decision that we will make in two years as to whether to continue homeschooling or to put him in public school. If he gets too far ahead he will be miserable but on the other hand I don’t want to hold him back.  He is starting to add and subtract. I tested him on his preprimer words and he knew 67% already. He does a couple of Headsprout episodes a week and consistently scores between 94 and 98. I was talking with a friend and she told me that upon succesfully completeing the program the child is at a beginning 3rd graders reading level.  He is almost half way right now. Last week  gave him a pattern of worksheets with patterns on them, we’d never done it before. The beads were green, purple, green, purple, etc. I asked him “What do you think the next color is?”  He replied, “White”. I pointed out the other beads and again he said white I told him it was only white because he needed to pick the next color. Light bulb. I then told him to see what he thought the next one should be. I looked away and he said done. I looked down and he had completed the work sheet… It’s things like that, that make me think if he were in public school he would drive the teacher crazy. Finishing quickly and then talking or clowning around.  Enough about that, besides a lot can happen in 2 years.

Lets see what else has happened… we had a pregnancy scare and I realized just how DONE I am with having kids.   I was so flippin’ relieved to find out that I wasn’t. If Big Daddy doesn’t hurry up and get a V I swear I will google a how to tutorial and do the damn thing myself.

Princess P is once again sprouting teeth. She is finally getting her 4th bottom front tooth and I think at least two of her eye teeth are coming it. I guess she is sort of filling in since she has had her two year molars for a month or two now.gy

Also, while under the watchful eye of her father Princess P managed to drop the external hard drive rendering it completely useless when attached to the computer but it is still usable when hooked to the PS3, hum go figure. I had all of my pictures on there and had not gotten around to backing up 2009 so had a mini panic attack until we ran a recovery program a couple of days ago. I will be doing backup cds tomorrow probably. I’m also working on uploading them to two online storage places. Big Daddy doesn’t get it but I would be completely devistated to lose our pictures of Monkey and Princess P.

Monkey started gymnastics 4 weeks ago.  We are taking him to ASI and he really enjoys it. We had a small issue with him trying to leave his class and join the “boy class” in his words he doesn’t want to be in the “easy class”  Ugh, can I get a rolling eyes smilie right there?

Well sorry for a long post with lots of words and no pictures but there you go with a month and a halfish of catch up.