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3 and 3

I’m working backwards to talk about some of Ethan’s football games. Saturday was an exciting game. Craig was very worried about how this game was going to turn out. We are in a very small association so we play each team 3 times before going into the playoffs. The first time we played the Pitbulls we won by 1 point, the second time we lost by 2 points. Last week, Craig went up to the field to get reimbursed for some purchases and saw that the Cowboys and Pitbulls were tied at close to the end of the 4th quarter, 26-26. So he thought it was very possible that we would lose to the Cowboys, giving them their first win of the season and he didn’t want to do that. To make it a little more stressful, he was missing he two offensive coaches, which meant he would be out on the field the entirety of the game.

Our boys had a great game! They really pulled together as a team and we couldn’t have been more proud. Ethan had his best game so far. He threw a touchdown pass and pulled 2 flags. Also, he came about 6 inches from scoring an extra point.

Homecoming float

It’s homecoming parade day and we were ready to go. That is until the balloons started exploding.  We blew them up at our house yesterday so when they got in the heat today (and it’s a really hot day today in Texas) the air inside started expanding and it was like we were in a gun fight.

Here’s a picture of just some of the candy that our boys will be throwing out.


Homecoming Week

In our house, and many others, it is homecoming time. We’re turning into a football family – whether I like it or not. I love to watch our little boys, and they are little ranging in age 4 – 6, out on the field and the close friendships that are forming. More than likely these boys will spend the next 7 – 10 years out on the baseball and football fields together and I think that is really cool. This is our second season and I feel like I have 14 boys on the field not just 1, I guess spending that much time together will do that.

This week, is a little more special then others. It’s homecoming week. We have been busy making a float, garters, and flowers to give the cheerleaders. During half time the boys will walk on the arm of a little mascot cheerleader and hand her a flower. Last year, the boys walked with the moms and I’m going to miss that, but I think after taking a couple of days to adjust I’m okay with the idea.  I’m still going to have a lump in my throat, I’m sure, but it will be one that I get when my babies do something new or I’m proud of them (since having kids everything makes me tear up).

SYSA – Day at the Game

Friday night, the boys, our football team, attended the varsity game for our local high school. We live very close to the stadium and for the last 9 years I have listened to the crowd roar and the band play from the backyard and, on the rare, nice days from my couch. I attended a high school that didn’t have sports and I was a big fan of the show Friday Night Lights, so I was ridiculously excited to experience a game. I probably would have enjoyed it a lot more when I was in high school and didn’t have to watch a preschooler who is under the impression that the world is her oyster. I do look forward to going back when the kids are older, maybe when they are out on the field.

Superbowl – Broncos take the win

Well our boys finished the season undefeated. The season was rough and I’m glad it’s over but I also miss it just a little bit. I think Ethan will be playing again next season, which a couple of weeks before the end of the season he definitely wasn’t going to play. I’m not sure why or what changed his mind.

I took lots of pictures, over 600, so I’m going to try and post just a few of my favorites.