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Elf on the Shelf Days 5 – 11

Day 5 Jangle helped the kids out and put the lights on the little tree for them.

Day 6- Jangle read Twas the Night Before Christmas with Bitty Baby

Day 7 – Jangle got into the pantry and got stuck in the raisins.

Day 8 -Jangle popped some popcorn, found a friend – Ethan’s Christmas dog, and got out a Christmas movie for the kids. They didn’t pay a lick of attention to the movie and after eating 3/4 of the popcorn they threw the rest on the floor. I was pretty disappointed in that behavior, I’m sure Santa got an earful that night.

Day 9 – Jangle and his friend, the Christmas dog, were found playing in our new glasses.

Day 10 -Jangle brought the kids some Christmas books.

Day 11 – The kids messed with him so much the previous day that I hid him, I’m mean like that. I told them that they must have touched him too much and that he needed some extra time in the North Pole to recharge his magic. (If you aren’t in on the elf on the shelf info, in the book it tells the children not to touch him because he will lose his magic)

Day 12 – Jangle was back and up on our fan. Note to self: dust fan, oops. Jangle was a little dirty after this.

Day 13 – Jangle turned the toilet water green. No pictures of that because, well, I wait to take pictures until the kids find him and, well, certain events had already taken place in the toilet. So it was kind of eww.

O Christmas Tree

After Ethan finished with school I told them they could decorate the miniature tree. They had previously put a handful of ornaments on the tree and they carefully removed them because Ethan decided that they needed to put lights on the tree. That’s about as far as they got because Ethan was upset that it couldn’t be perfect. My poor boy and his obsession with perfection. 🙁 I told him they don’t need to be perfect, the other trees aren’t perfect. To which he replied, yes they are. Which I don’t think they are, but I grew up with a mother that was a perfectionist who put over 800 white lights on the tree and all the lights poked up like little candles. Now that was perfect, you needed sunglasses to look at it, but it was spectacular.

Elf on the Shelf Days 1 – 4

Jangle, our Elf on the Shelf appeared at our house on December 2nd. He showed up sitting in our Christmas tree with a little note for Ethan and Emerson.

December 3rd, Jangle got into our stash of marshmallows and made himself a chair

On the 4th, he got into our shopping bag and dragged out Ethan’s Sugar Babies. When Ethan woke up and saw him he got pissed and grabbed his candy up and threw Jangle down onto the floor. Over reaction – TOTALLY! He is sick and hasn’t been sleeping well so he’s been leaning toward irrationality lately. This picture is a recreation with my milk duds.


On the 5th, Jangle had a visit from his brother Jingle and they played a game of tic tac toe on my mirror that is above the mantle.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

All of our ornaments freed from their Rubbermaid totes waiting to be put on our big tree and medium sized tree.

I was determined to get a prelit tree this year, then I saw the price of the one I wanted and decided to buy 8 boxes of lights for 1/5 of the price. I was even more pleased with my thrifty decision making when I got out our medium sized tree and remembered that it was a prelit tree and that the lights worked on it for precisely one Christmas, and one Christmas only. I spent the good part of our evening and about an hour the next day removing the lights from the tree and replacing them.

I apparently don’t have a picture of our big tree in it’s finished state but here are the two trees that are done. We have a miniature tree to decorate tomorrow.


Christmas was a little different for us this year, my cousin was playing in a soccer tournament and her family had to leave town on Christmas day. So this year instead of gathering at my grandmother’s house for Christmas dinner we got together for dinner on Christmas Eve. I really enjoyed getting together on Christmas Eve it was nice to not be beaten down by the long day that Christmas always turns out to be. It was a little rough trying to get the kids to go to sleep. Emerson fell asleep easily enough but was still up until almost 11, Ethan was much harder to get to sleep and I think he gave in somewhere around 1 or 2.

The next morning all of the adults were up before the kids. I was up by 7 and was able to make breakfast and get everything ready for my parents and brother’s arrival at 9:30. Minutes before they got to the house Emerson woke up and happily pronounced “It’s my birthday” Poor thing she is very excited about her upcoming birthday, lol. Around 10ish I finally decided Ethan had slept enough we had eaten breakfast and were ready to get the show on the road. Santa brought Emerson a Tinkerbell guitar and a microphone on a stand and Ethan got a black DSi just like he had been wanting for the last 2 years.

In the evening when headed to my parent’s house where we entered into a very serious minute to win it competition. The winners got a lotto ticket. It was fun but we had to cut the evening short to get Ethan and Emerson home.

Sunday morning was very interesting and is a whole nother blog entry. In the afternoon we headed to Cheryl and Keith’s house to exchange presents amongst our family.

It was the best Christmas we have had so far. The kids were both excited and into it, they have played with and loved every toy.

All of the Christmas decorations are now packed back up and ready to be set back in the corner of the garage. The presents have been moved to the kids rooms and some have been put up but most are still strewn about the rooms being played with and well loved.

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