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Earring holder

I made this awhile back and then never got around to actually putting the earrings on it. I still haven’t put most on, you can see them sitting in front of the frame in one of the pictures.

My grandmother was giving away a bunch of picture frames and I liked this one but didn’t like the color. I painted it and then took fabric (I guess you would call it) from my cross stitching stash and staple gunned it into the frame. I also fray checked the edges so I wouldn’t have to worry about fraying. I then had Craig bend and attach two pieces of metal to the back since I wouldn’t be putting the back of the picture frame back on.

Monster Tooth Pillow

I bookmarked this page earlier this year. It popped up on CraftCrave freebies list and thought it was too cute to pass up. I knew eventually Ethan would get a loose tooth and that day was last Thursday. I was off at the dance studio, which is another post, and Craig was at home with the kids. He made them french toast for dinner and after taking a couple of bites Ethan started crying. Craig asked him what was wrong, then told him he was going to have to quit crying because he couldn’t understand what he was trying to say. He told Craig, “He had chewed too hard and broke his tooth. ” Craig looked in his mouth and informed him none of his teeth were broken. At which time Ethan pointed and his bottom front tooth was loose.

He’s excited now, he loves anything that earns him money.


Emerson's shoes

Emerson has a pair of hand me down shoes that she loves. They, I’m sure, were very cute at one point in time. But Emerson for all she is girly is a little bit tom boy too. She likes to run, climb, and dig in the dirt. So her beautiful treasured princess shoes lost their sparkle and were dirty and dingy.

SO I decided to try to fix them. I wiped them down and let them dry then painted them with some modge podge and covered them in glitter. Emerson let out an audible gasp when she saw them so I guess she liked them!