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Mary Kay Museum, a fallen vet, and a broken bus

Yesterday, while entering the highway I noticed 3 cars pulled onto the side of the road. I thought it was strange but quickly noticed that on the opposite side of the highway there was what looked like a funeral being escorted by half a dozen police cars and sheriff trucks. I quickly pulled over and let them pass with a little lump in my throat. I always get a little emotional when I pull over for funeral processions. But, I was also happy to be living in a town small enough that when  funeral procession passes even if it’s on the opposite side of the highway. I’m certain in Dallas cars would have continued driving even if they were on the same side of the highway. What a difference a couple of miles make. Later in the day when talking to Craig he asked me if I had seen the procession, he informed me that it was something very special, something I will probably never see again. It wasn’t a funeral procession, it was an escort for the body of a fallen Korean War vet. A young boy who lied about his age so he could help defend his country. They just found/identified his body and were taking it to Athens so that he could be buried where his headstone is.

I grew up in a neighborhood in Dallas that was very close knit. My grandmother and sister still live in the neighborhood and my mom moved one neighborhood over. They group gets together once a month and their monthly November meeting always involves a bus trip and a tour. This year they went to the Mary Kay Museum, not my cup of tea but I knew Emerson would get a kick out of it so we went. It’s also the only time we get to ride on the DART bus each year, which Ethan gets a kick out of it. The bus was a little late coming to pick us up and the little old ladies were already starting to get antsy. My grandmother has had hips and knees replaced so she had to use the lift to get on the bus. so she was first on. The driver started to lower the lift to put it up and someone walked in front of the lift causing the driver to hit the emergency stop and jamming it. So my grandma who can only lift her leg up about an inch was now stuck on a bus with a 3 foot jump down and we were all stuck on the outside. I thought there was going to be a little gray haired old lady riot. Fast forward 15 minutes, the bus driver finally gets the lift working. We board the bus minus two passengers who refused to ride the bus because of the malfunction and are on our way to the Mary Kay Museum.

Emerson as I expected loved it. The make up, the sequin gowns, the colorful uniforms, the dolls… she was in heaven and made sure that everyone of us saw each thing. Ethan had fun playing with my sister and I powered through. I’m sure she is a very impressive business woman but after reading a couple of her quotes I completely zoned out. There was some kind of directors meeting and the women kept stopping and looking at Emerson saying maybe someday she’ll be selling Mary Kay “It’s a great life” more then one drone (can you use that word to describe females?) said. If there is a God my daughter will not be a make up saleswoman, she’ll be a doctor or a lawyer or something else I have to shell a lot of money out for her to become.

Earring holder

I made this awhile back and then never got around to actually putting the earrings on it. I still haven’t put most on, you can see them sitting in front of the frame in one of the pictures.

My grandmother was giving away a bunch of picture frames and I liked this one but didn’t like the color. I painted it and then took fabric (I guess you would call it) from my cross stitching stash and staple gunned it into the frame. I also fray checked the edges so I wouldn’t have to worry about fraying. I then had Craig bend and attach two pieces of metal to the back since I wouldn’t be putting the back of the picture frame back on.

Emerson's shoes

Emerson has a pair of hand me down shoes that she loves. They, I’m sure, were very cute at one point in time. But Emerson for all she is girly is a little bit tom boy too. She likes to run, climb, and dig in the dirt. So her beautiful treasured princess shoes lost their sparkle and were dirty and dingy.

SO I decided to try to fix them. I wiped them down and let them dry then painted them with some modge podge and covered them in glitter. Emerson let out an audible gasp when she saw them so I guess she liked them!

Our State Fair Is a Great State Fair…

We headed out to the Great State Fair of Texas on it’s opening day.  We figured it was the perfect day to go, Craig had already taken off work because the previous day was our homecoming parade and peprally.  I love the fair and the kids had a blast. Emerson got kind of grumpy towards the end and threw her shoe out of the stroller and we didn’t know until way later. Upside – it was a free shoe handed down from her cousin, Rachel. There is still quite a bit of things I want to see so hopefully Craig and I can go and have a date day/night out there.

Opening Ceremony and 2 games

Yesterday, we had the opening ceremony for baseball and a double header.

The opening ceremony was a complete waste of time. The kids stood on the field and did absolutely nothing. They did do the drawing for all of the raffle tickets. We didn’t win anything but a mom on our team one the 42″ TV, so that was kind of cool.

The PA system they have didn’t work. So they used the one in a police car, gotta love living in a small town.

Emerson got to draw one of the raffle tickets

But the boys mostly looked like this

Then they had two games 1 playing the Blacksox and another against the Braves. We did okay against the Blacksox and one but were stomped by the Braves. We didn’t even get to score. Last year, our team, the Rockets, dominated for the most part only losing one game all season. Now most of our team has aged out and moved on to coach pitch.

Part of the first game and the second game I worked it the dug out. It SUCKED!!! It was like dealing with Ethan on his worst day * 14 kids.  I hope to never end up in there again.


Why, yes, I’m lumping the whole month together because it felt like the whole month was like this.

I intended to start the second semester at the beginning of February, however we spent the first week and part of the second week covered in ice which means Daddy didn’t get to work. The week following that we all spent a lot of time with our heads in the toilet. We got the really nasty stomach virus that has sent so many to the hospital for dehydration. We were lucky and while it took its turn with all of us we survived it without a trip to the doctor’s office or hospital. After that I scrapped that and decided to wait until March.


American Girl

For Emerson’s birthday we did a girls lunch at American Girl. The food was scrumptious! I can’t wait to go back again and again. The girls had a blast and it was a nice way to spend the day.

We headed out early so that Emerson could do a little shopping. Craig and I decided ahead of time that we would let her get Bitty Baby, the doll she already had, some accessories or if she asked she could get a doll. She, of course, choose to get a new doll. She looked at all of the dolls twice and then decided on Rebecca. Until, she walked past Kit and her best friend and then she switched Rebecca out for both of them. On the next set of shelves, and thankfully closest to the register, was Julie. So she decided on Julie, whom she lov



I really neglected to blog about Emerson turning 3and I feel really bad about it so the next couple of posts will be about her.

I don’t know how my sweet little girl, my baby, is already 3.  We made it through the 2s with little incident, so I guess it is only fair that the 3’s are hitting us hard. She has become defiant and outspoken, funny and artistic.

She loves to dress up and sing songs into her Hello Kitty microphone. She plays mommy to her baby dolls and wizards, Mario and Luigi, and guns with her brother. Just when I think she couldn’t be any girlier she runs through the room with a camoflouge hat on, a gun in her hand, or laughs at farts.

When Ethan and I sit down to work on school for the day she demands school work for herself. She loves to be read to and always wants to know what things say, even the signs on the highway.

She is entering her 3rd year of her love affair with Tinkerbell and has now also discovered Dora the Explorer.

She’s completely day time potty trained and doesn’t sleep in our room anymore. I guess you could say the kids are cosleeping or bedsharing now.