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3 and 3

I’m working backwards to talk about some of Ethan’s football games. Saturday was an exciting game. Craig was very worried about how this game was going to turn out. We are in a very small association so we play each team 3 times before going into the playoffs. The first time we played the Pitbulls we won by 1 point, the second time we lost by 2 points. Last week, Craig went up to the field to get reimbursed for some purchases and saw that the Cowboys and Pitbulls were tied at close to the end of the 4th quarter, 26-26. So he thought it was very possible that we would lose to the Cowboys, giving them their first win of the season and he didn’t want to do that. To make it a little more stressful, he was missing he two offensive coaches, which meant he would be out on the field the entirety of the game.

Our boys had a great game! They really pulled together as a team and we couldn’t have been more proud. Ethan had his best game so far. He threw a touchdown pass and pulled 2 flags. Also, he came about 6 inches from scoring an extra point.


Yesterday, our boys played a scrimage against a team they won’t be playing during the season and boy am I happy about that.  From the moment they hit the field it was clear we were at a disadvantage. The other team was big, their team had older kids then we did. Then it turned out that while we play 8 on 8, they play 10-10. So, we played 8 on 10 and sometimes 11 and 12. As Craig said, “They played dirty” . But even after all of that the Broncos held their own. You go boys!!!

This picture is hilarious. I’m pretty sure Ethan is talking smack talk to the boy across from him.

Our boys working hard…

Baseball is over, on to football

Baseball season is over, Ethan’s team won first place for his conference. All of the tballers got a trophy. There were 8 teams split up into two conferences, American and National. His team did great and I’m hoping for an even better season next year. That is code for hopefully Ethan won’t pretend to be Mario out in the outfield. Two weeks ago they had the trophy ceremony and then there team party was the next day.

Ethan was so excited by his trophy that I could only get a picture like this.


The party was at Nicklerama and I’m pretty sure everyone had fun. I did notice that quite a few games now take more then 1 nickel. Boo to that and boo to whomever stole Ethan’s bag of tickets but other then that a great place to go.  Ethan has been asking to go back everyday since then and wants to have his birthday party there.

So now we’re on to June which means it’s time to sign Ethan up for his first season of flag football. Can’t wait to see how it goes.