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Easy(and cheap) way to clean the microwave

A couple of weeks ago I noticed that our microwave was nasty dirty. I put cleaning it off another couple of weeks until yesterday when I decided it was time to just get it over with. I started scrubbing with a sponge and gunked the sponge up with what can only be described as sludge and scratched the paint off the door(not cool man). I was about to give up when I remembered something I had seen on How clean is your house – if you ever need motivation to get off your butt and clean this show will do it. Anyway, on there they said the easiest way to clean a messy microwave is to get a bowl, put lemon juice in it, and microwave for 5 minutes. I was skeptical but I did it. After the 5 minutes I took the bowl out and wiped and stuff just came right off NO SCRUBBING. Now don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t all pretty and shiny but it was way better then scrubbing that crap off. After about 5 more times there were definitely parts that were sparkling and there are still parts that need to be cleaned some more. For me, I’m a lazy cleaner on my best day and this worked great. I could set the microwave for 5 minutes go do whatever and then come back and wipe and then repeat.

Herbal Remedy Eye Pillow

Got this off of Tree Hugger Who doesn’t have a lot of stress in their life right now? I really want to make one or two of these.

To make your own eye pillow, take a thin piece of fabric (a soft cotton from an old t’shirt or silk from an old head scarf would work well) and cut two rectangles about 8-9 inches long by 3-4 inches wide. If the fabric has a wrong and right (printed) side, lay it flat so that the two right sides are in and touching. Using a sewing machine or a simple needle and thread, sew around the perimeter, leaving an inch or two inch gap on one edge. Be sure to use small, neat stitches. Push the fabric thru the opening to turn the rectangle right side out. By way of the opening, fill the pillow with a mixture of flax seed, lavender and hops. The flax seed is for weight while the lavender will help calm your body and the hops will help with sleep. Using a needle and thread sew the pillow the rest of the way shut.

Two web sites to check out

If you want an Earth friendly product here is the place to look. They have everything that you will need to clean yourself, the kids, and the house. Also, unless the bottles are minuscule the prices seem really nice on the pocketbook.

The other website, and it might fall more under frugal then green, is Swap Thing . If you are familiar with freecycle, and like using it, you might check out this website since it is very similar.