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2011 Not Back to School Blog Hop

I missed last week, it was Ethan’s birthday and I didn’t think about posting until the end of the week. I have posted the curriculum I’m using here if you’d like to take a look. I have dropped Story of the World and Science. We just started our fourth week of school and are do most of our schooling right here. That’s our coffee table and couch. Usually Ethan pulls up a Little Tykes chair to the coffee table but today he sat/lounged/laid on the couch while doing school.

On Thursdays, we doing our Children’s Music Journey program and so I set up 2 keyboards. One in my room, where one of the kids will practice, and one in the living room, where the other does there lesson. (If you’re wondering what is up with the dip in my bed it’s a Sleep Number bed and they look kind of weird when no one is in them.)

We occasionally do school at our kitchen table, but right now it is under my sewing machine, material, a box full of trophies for our flag football team, and a broken dog bank. To the right of the table are my books and to the left is children’s books.

Week 1 Day 1

Monday we started school, the kids are I, I’m pretty sure were equally excited. The first half of the day went great. We did spelling and grammar first. I was surprised that Ethan already knew how to spell his words for the week. I’m not sure what I should do, if I should just stick with it or go ahead and purchase the next level up. From what I remember the curc was about $15, so no biggie if we need to move up. I’ll probably stick with this one for the next couple of weeks and if Ethan consistently knows the words will either skip through to find words in this book that he can’t spell or move up to second grade.

Grammar was interesting, it was an introduction to sentences. We briefly talked about sentences and what makes a sentence. Then Ethan needed to fill in a blank with a word to make a complete sentence. He wanted to make long complex sentences. It was kind of a beating and after the 1st really long sentence I put an end to it.

After, our break it all went downhill. Spelling and Grammar took about 45 minutes to complete. It took us 4 hours to complete math and science. It was not pretty. Ethan is really good at math but he can’t focus on it to save his life. I had to sit next to him and every couple of minutes remind him to focus. Science was new and he was upset that he didn’t have a lab to perform experiments in. He was ready to start concocting potions and curing the worlds worst diseases. When I explained that he couldn’t just jump right in he would need to learn things first he was pretty peeved. If he didn’t finish school for the day he wasn’t going to football practice and it literally came down right to the wire. Craig was out the door before Ethan finished.

First day of school

We started our new school year today.

I actually sat down and made out a schedule

July 11 – 29 (3 weeks)

August 8 – October 28 (12 weeks)

November 7 – 21 (2 weeks)

November 28 – December 16 (3 weeks)

January 16 – April 6 (12 weeks)

April 30 – May 25 (4 weeks)

= our 36 weeks

M, W, F – Spelling, math, science, grammar

T, Th – Spelling, math, handwriting, meet the masters(art)/ Children’s music journey (piano)





Literally literal

The other day during school Ethan and I were cutting out objects to finish the pattern on a worksheet. Most of the pictures had dotted line squares around them to show where to cut, the circles didn’t. So I said “Just cut the circles square” or something to that effect. Then continued on cutting out the pieces that I had. Then Ethan says “Oh, I literally cut the circle into a square” I turned and looked and yes he had in fact cut the circle into the shape of a square. I forget that I have to be careful with what I say because Ethan always goes for the literal meaning. On the other hand, I was very impressed to hear a 5 year old use literally in the correct context.

Today we will finish Concept 3 Unit 1 in Moving Beyond the Page. We had a rough go at rhyming words but true to form a nights sleep and he just gets it (I would love to get a glimpse into the way his mind works)We are about 1/3 of the way through Mathmatical Reasoning Level B and we are so much happier with it then with RightStart Math.

Homeschool – Week 5 and 6 in Review

We didn’t do much last week. Ethan wasn’t feeling too well and his attention span was in the negative range. We did lessons 9 and 10 and started the Final Project for MBTP and did lessons 10 and 11 in RSM.

Week 6 was much more productive

Monday – We finished up Concept 1 Unit 1 Final Project in MBTP and completed RSM lesson 12 and 13. I can’t wait to be done with part/wholes I feel like it’s just making everything harder then it has to be. We did a little bit of work with money and Ethan was very excited. One of his favorite things to do is dump out his doggy bank and count up the coins to see how much money is in them.

He also read 3 chapters (28 pages) in Fitch & Chip Who’s Afraid of Granny Wolf? By Lisa Wheeler

Tuesday – We started Concept 1 Unit 2 in Moving Beyond the Page. Ethan has been on a weather kick since he got an email from his grandma this summer that mentioned Hurricane Katrina, so I think he will enjoy the unit. He completed lessons 1 and 2.

He finished Fitch & Chip Who’s Afraid of Granny Wolf? and started When Pigs Fly

Thursday –  We completed Right Start Math Lesson 15 and Moving Beyond the Page Lesson 3. Lesson 3 was a huge fail. We had to take the temperature of 3 glasses of water – ice cold, tap, and hot water. We could only get a thermometer to work for the hot water but Ethan got the point. Fail number two, they wanted Ethan to do an acrostic he was completely overwhelmed and it was way above his level. I felt so bad for him and it was probably the most I’ve helped him since we started school.

Week 4 in review

Last week we completed MBTP lessons 5, 6, 7, and 8 and Right Start Math lessons 8 and 9. We are finishing up our study about environments and habitats. Ethan is pretty into it and likes to get the Animal Habitats book out and just flip through it. I’m still not to keen on the math but Ethan gets it and it seems to be working for him. I’m not a math person so maybe I wouldn’t be happy with any math that we did, who knows.


I have spent months, years researching and planning for this moment. I’ve been so busy doing that, that it is just now sinking in that my baby boy is starting kindergarten this year. Yes, he will be at home, since we are homeschooling but it doesn’t change the fact that he is school aged now.  I got a little, okay a lot, teary eyed thinking about that earlier.