• Family

    A very eventful day

    The day of Ethan’s Super Bowl(they didn’t win) was pretty eventful for Ethan.  He almost poked his eye out tripping at Oshkosh and then lost his first tooth. We went into Oshkosh to get Emerson a jacket, she didn’t want one (although she did end up getting one) so I asked Ethan to go and look at clothes. He went over to the boys side of the store but wasn’t exactly happy about it. He was mopping and pouting and ended up tripping and slamming his face into a metal hook protruding from the wall. It caught him at his cheek and went up to his eyebrow. Thank goodness for…

  • Crafts

    Monster Tooth Pillow

    I bookmarked this page earlier this year. It popped up on CraftCrave freebies list and thought it was too cute to pass up. I knew eventually Ethan would get a loose tooth and that day was last Thursday. I was off at the dance studio, which is another post, and Craig was at home with the kids. He made them french toast for dinner and after taking a couple of bites Ethan started crying. Craig asked him what was wrong, then told him he was going to have to quit crying because he couldn’t understand what he was trying to say. He told Craig, “He had chewed too hard and…

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