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    My Birthday

    Yesterday was my birthday and it consisted of Craig buying some of the things I’ve been putting off buying for myself for too long. I got several pairs of shoes so I feel I should be good until I’m at least 40. And soon the glasses taped up with electrical tape will be gone as a new pair has been ordered and should ship soon. Emerson painted a painting that she saw a tutorial for online it’s very pretty. Other than that we at least got Emerson’s closet put back together after the great flood of 2019. We bought some waterproof vinyl flooring and put it down, I’m thinking since…

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    Slip n Slide

    We were in the clearance section at Walmart and happened to see a Slip n Slide for $5. We couldn’t pass up that opportunity so we bought it, brought it home, and got it all set up. I’m not sure who was more excited about it, Big Daddy and I or Monkey. At first, Monkey didn’t really get it. He loved that this piece of plastic was shooting water but didn’t get the whole slip n slide part of it. He walked up and down, sat on it, laid on it, took his truck up and down it like it was a rode. But, then Big Daddy and I got…

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    attack of the killer mosquitos

    I guess they weren’t really killer mosquitos but our house was covered in a swarm of mosquitos last night. It was insane. Bid Daddy went to take the trash out with Monkey and Princess P in tow. He made a comment about the mosquitos but I didn’t really pay attention. He had 3 on his back that I batted off as I grabbed Monkey and headed to the mail box. As soon as I stepped outside I was surrounded by the little beasts. The buzzing was scary. I was swatting at myself like a crazy person and swatting at Monkey to keep them off of him. By the time we…

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