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Blog Dare 2012 – Dreams


Dreams, lol, since becoming a mom I don’t have much time to dream, be it day or night.

Last night, I dreamed that my Kindle broke in half, I woke up devastated.  The Kindle revolutionized my life, I was able to be a bookworm after children. I don’t spend all of my reading time trying to find my spot because small fingers pulled out my bookmark.

I have had a handful of dreams that have stuck with me through the years.

When I was in middle school my grandfather, Robert, passed away after a hard fight with cancer.  When he died we knew it was coming, we’d known for weeks. He spent at least a month withering away in a hospital bed.  I can’t imagine he was happy in his last days, looking back I know realize he was probably doped up on pain killers and out of it. He couldn’t see, hear, or talk.

The night that he died I dreamed of our family sitting in his study. We were sitting there waiting for someone to talk to us. Robert walked in, in a white suit, with a white aura. He told us that he would be okay and that he would miss us. We said our goodbyes and he left.  It was very peaceful.

For years after that I had nightmares about my grandparents house, dark evil figureless shadows haunting my grandfather’s study and the bedrooms.  We lived next door to my grandparents and I avoided those rooms until I had children and could no longer do so.

Have you seen Road Trip? I love that movie and when I was pregnant with my son I had a dream that my husband had an affair with Rhonda. It cracked me up and I still tease him about it even though it was almost 7 years ago.



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Slip n Slide

Monkey walking on slip n slide

We were in the clearance section at Walmart and happened to see a Slip n Slide for $5. We couldn’t pass up that opportunity so we bought it, brought it home, and got it all set up. I’m not sure who was more excited about it, Big Daddy and I or Monkey.

At first, Monkey didn’t really get it. He loved that this piece of plastic was shooting water but didn’t get the whole slip n slide part of it. He walked up and down, sat on it, laid on it, took his truck up and down it like it was a rode.

monkey laying on slip n slide

But, then Big Daddy and I got in on the action and we spent the day slippin’ and slidin’ and pushing Monkey (who refused to do it himself.)  We really had a blast. I had never played on one, I was too chicken when I was a child.  Thankfully there is no photographic evidence of me sliding, I’m sure it wouldn’t be pretty.

Big Daddy on the Slip n Slide

We tried to get Princess P in on the action by putting her in my lap and then having Big Daddy push me but she didn’t really dig it.  So she hung out in the little baby pool and had fun filling it up with mulch.

Princess P baby pool outback

attack of the killer mosquitos

I guess they weren’t really killer mosquitos but our house was covered in a swarm of mosquitos last night. It was insane. Bid Daddy went to take the trash out with Monkey and Princess P in tow. He made a comment about the mosquitos but I didn’t really pay attention. He had 3 on his back that I batted off as I grabbed Monkey and headed to the mail box. As soon as I stepped outside I was surrounded by the little beasts. The buzzing was scary. I was swatting at myself like a crazy person and swatting at Monkey to keep them off of him. By the time we made it across the street and down the two houses Monkey was crying and I was close to it. So without getting the mail I picked him up and ran back to the house. Once inside we waged war on the ones that had gotten in the house. We killed 2 dozen before I stopped counting. When we let the dogs in we discovered that they had also been out back. Neo doesn’t look to be too badly affected by them but he also has longer hair. Poor Turbo was covered, COVERED!, in bites and was scratching up a storm.