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no menu monday

Sometimes I post our menus for the week on here and link to menu plan monday hosted by the orgjunkie. Well last week I was kind of feeling blah so I didn’t menu plan on Thursday like normal, I didn’t get around to it on Friday either, then Saturday came and I still didn’t have one. I decided to wing, it we headed out to go shopping with no list and no menu. I felt so lost. I’m still feeling lost. I have no clue what to make for dinner. I’m not sure how people go to the store and shop like this. If you don’t know what you’re making how do you know what to buy? We’re now hours away from dinner time and I’m majorly stressing trying to think of things to make, wondering if I have everything I would need.  This is too stressful. From now on no matter how blah I’m feeling I swear I will force myself to make a menu.

Menu Planning Monday

I don’t know what it is about participating in Menu Planning Monday but it is really helping us stick to our menu.  We have drastically cut back on our spur of the moment trips to some fast food place for dinner and I’m so proud of us.

On to the menu.

Monday – enchilladas, I was supposed to make these a couple of weeks ago but we made something else instead.

Tuesday – Brinner, were going to have omelets and use the sausage from last weeks easy meal.

Wednesday – pizza, this was from last week and we didn’t get around to making it so I’m putting it back on the list

Thursday – paninis

Friday – easy meal

Saturday – barbecue beef sandwiches with potatoe salad and baked beans, for me, and ranch style beans, for Big Daddy.

Sunday – easy meal