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    Why, yes, I’m lumping the whole month together because it felt like the whole month was like this. I intended to start the second semester at the beginning of February, however we spent the first week and part of the second week covered in ice which means Daddy didn’t get to work. The week following that we all spent a lot of time with our heads in the toilet. We got the really nasty stomach virus that has sent so many to the hospital for dehydration. We were lucky and while it took its turn with all of us we survived it without a trip to the doctor’s office or…

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    I will never live up north, never ever

    I’m pretty sure this is going to be a bitch fest, you’ve been warned. I really thought I hated Texas summers and fantasized that some day I would live up north. I would enjoy the snow and the nice mild summers. Perhaps, if I was still a child I would enjoy it- playing out there making snowmen, forts, and snow angels and having snowball fights. I’m sure then it would have been awesome but now as an adult I’m pretty sure I would just think it sucked. I can now say that I would not enjoy the snow. As sucky as summer gets here I have never lost power for…

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    Snow, real snow

    This was our neighborhood at almost 8 this morning. I stopped watching the news a couple of months ago so didn’t know what we had in store for the day. Monkey had been asking us when it would snow and I was so excited to let him know that it had finally come. I held off and waited as long as I could before I went to wake him up. His response when I told him, “I know” very matter of factly with no excitement what so ever in his voice. What a joy kill. I helped him get bundled up and he was off for some fun in the…

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