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    These are actually pictures from soccer weeks ago before we were rained out and then missed because of Easter. We finally had soccer again last Saturday but because I was being a loser mom I forgot my camera. The Saturday that these pictures were taken Ethan did pretty good but not as good as the first week. Last Saturday Ethan was embarrassingly throw himself down on the soccer field and cry bad. I don’t know what was up with him. He was a whiny ball of mess one minute and the next he was kicking butt and taking names. Hopefully next week will be better and hopefully soon he’ll grow…

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    First Day of Soccer

    First off, sorry for the serial posting. I just wanted to do a little catching up while the kids are sleeping. Saturday, Ethan started his 4th Season of soccer. He was so excited when he woke up. To begin with I wasn’t expecting to see him until around 10:30 or so because we had been up late the night before but that wasn’t how the morning went. Ethan was up by 8:45 and ready to go. At 9 I sat him down and told him that we could not leave before the clock said 11:00 (as Ethan reads it that’s 11 dot dot 00). So, for awhile I heard look…

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    Busy Busy Bees

    Yesterday we got up very early, 4:30am, and headed out to the balloon festival. I love the balloon festival I think the balloons are so beautiful against the sky. Since we were up so early Ethan really wasn’t too interested in the balloons. He liked the dragon and the tree but we got there a little earlier then I had planned so he was done watching by the time they started to take off. Emerson was very accommodating once again and hung out. After the balloons were in the air (well most of them any way) I put her in the ergo and she was out like a light. We…

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