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My Birthday Present and DMA Kids Club

On my birthday Ethan desperately wanted to give me a present, it was very sweet. He wrapped up a couple of things for me in one of his blankets. He gave me his stool to his art table, a box of wet wipes, and an empty box of Girl Scout Thin Mints.



We also attended a Kids Club Event this month at the Dallas Museum of Art. It was to view the Eliasson exhibit. If you didn’t get to the museum to see it I think you really missed out. I didn’t get to take many pictures and I’m sort of kicking myself in the butt for that. It was called Take Your Time and if you did you got to see many neat little things that you wouldn’t get to see if you just blew through an exhibit, like I have the tendency to do.

The next to pictures were taken in the yellow room. I didn’t much care for the yellow room it hurt my eyes and well no one looks good in yellow lighting. However, it made what you got to experience next, which is the last picture, so vibrant and the colors popped out at you.


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Super Why

In this house we are big lovers of Super Why It’s a show that comes on PBS kids and the characters use “the power to read” to solve problems. They enter books and as they travel through the story and solve the problem they find super letters that fill in the blank to make a message. Lately, we’ve been playing Super Why around the house. I make something up, print it out, then write numbers on the backs of the letters and on a piece of paper for Ethan to decode the message. It’s been a hit!! I wish I had a picture of the one that we did last week. I wanted to only use words that Ethan can read on his own so I was limited to about 20 – 30 words. I think I still have it around here somewhere, I’ll get a pic of it if I do.




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My son, the theif

On Saturday Craig ran in to an ATM at a Shell station to grab some money before we headed to Kids Club at the Dallas Museum of Art. When they came out I could see Ethan had something in his hands and was ecstatic about whatever it was. That lasted the length of time it took for them to walk around the side of the car and Craig to see that Ethan was holding something. Craig took it and told him it was stealing. He still didn’t understand that he had done something wrong. Craig was already heading back into the store and I opened my door and told him that I thought Ethan should go in and apologize. Craig shook his head no and kept walking and Ethan burst into tears. He definitely got it at that point and cried and apologized for about 5 minutes. I was mortified that Ethan took something from the store but at least he is 3 and now knows it is wrong and is not doing it at 7 or 10 or 13 where he would definitely be old enough to know better.

I'm feeling whiny

Last week Ethan ran a fever for 3 days. They first day he was pretty normal but the second and third days he laid on the couch all day long. I felt very bad for him. The day after he got better Emerson got a fever. Her fever only lasted 2 days and she was pretty clingy and didn’t sleep very well at all. Well since she wasn’t sleeping very well I would let her sleep for a little while but when she would start crying I would go and get her so she didn’t wake up Craig and Ethan. Since then she has been sleeping about 30 minutes and then waking up and crying. I go in she lays down and goes back to sleep in minutes. She is driving me crazy she’s been doing this at both naps and bedtime. She used to be such a good sleeper and I’m totally spoiled by it.
Oh and to top it off on Monday Craig said that he wasn’t feeling good, I thought it was his normal other people in the house are sick so I must be too routine. It wasn’t, on Tuesday he very noticeably had a cold and today Emerson and I both woke up with it. I hope Ethan doesn’t catch it.

On the not so whiny side – Ethan is sleeping in big boy underwear now. He had 2 dry days and this morning I’m not sure what was going on. He woke me up and asked him to help him get his pajamas off. They were soaking wet. We got them off and he said “Oh man my underwear is wet too” I told him “Yeah, it’s okay you pee peed in them while you were sleeping” He said “No I didn’t I spilled my drink on them”. So I dropped it. Well later I went to go get his sheets and stuff to wash them and they are completely dry. So I don’t know what happened no pee on the bed and no spilled water to be found. It’s a pee pee mystery. LOL, I just cracked myself up must be time for bed.

We signed him up for soccer today and at the end of this season my little boy will have played soccer for half of his life. Well the baby version of it.


I don’t know if I’m late to the game but I saw this web site in Parents Magazine. StumbleUpon.com It is called a discovery engine instead of search engine, like yahoo, google, etc. I signed up and am going to try it out, so far I have seen a neat recipe site (I should have bookmarked it now that I think about it) and a history site. If you join look me up, melgriffin03

This is from their web site

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My Blackberry

Several years ago I had a blackberry and I loved it but it kept breaking so I traded it in for a normal flip phone. Well for Valentines day Craig and I got Blackberry Curves. I think we have both fallen in love with electronic equipment. I can Facebook, check in on my mom boards, surf the internet, watch TV, listen to the radio, listen to an mp3 player, take pictures, take video, upload and look at Picasa, read a book, and play games. Craig, being a very loyal P1, even streams 1310 the ticket. Oh and I love Google Maps on it. I will never have to ask Craig where he is again. I can just open up the app and there he is.


I sometime feel Ethan has been pushed to the side since Emerson has come along. We haven’t done that but with Emerson around he isn’t the center of attention and well babies take up a lot of your time. I can’t believe how big he has gotten. And as of last week Ethan is weaned of everything. The last place Ethan was weaned from was the bed. We bought him a bed last May and put it next to ours. Craig was all for Ethan sleeping on his own until we got the bed and he ended up sleeping on that bed with him. Well last week Craig decided that it was time to start sleeping in our bed again. So Ethan is not co sleeping anymore. I thought it was going to be a big deal but, as with everything, Ethan made the adjustment. The first night he laid next to me and held my hand. The second night he had me sing to him and he held my hand a little but then he pushed my hand up on to my bed. Now he is laying on the other side of the bed. I guess someday soon he’ll be ready for his bed to be in his room. Hopefully, it’ll be awhile because I don’t think I’m ready.



A couple of weeks ago Ethan had another first. A not so good one. He got his first black eye. Craig took the kids to the store and when they came back this is what Ethan looked like.


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Apparently Ethan was looking at something and Craig said “Ethan lets go” Ethan turned around running and ran into the cart. Craig said that he hit it with such momentum that his body kept going and he ended up under the cart where the bulk items go. Emerson also got her first black eye but I don’t have any pictures of it. I couldn’t get one because the bruise was so small. She slipped in the bath tub and the toy she was holding hit her in the eye.

Emerson's Birthday

On Emerson’s birthday we spent the day hanging out around the house. For breakfast we let her try some donut holes. She wasn’t to sure about them at first but she jumped right on board.




After that it was time for presents. Craig feels like we jipped her because we didn’t get her very much but I think we did fine. It was less than a month after Christmas and I felt like anything more was just going to be too much.

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Grandma and Grandpa also came over for dinner and the kids had lots of fun spending time and playing with them.

We had spaghetti and birthday cake. We had birthday cake first because Emerson stays up all night if I eat a lot of sugar late in the day (and I figured if it effects her like that through breast milk it would probably really effect her when she is eating it). She didn’t much care for it, she was more interested in sticking her foot in it then eating it. Then we went on to dinner where I got the messy face picture that I was wanting.

Is it soccer season yet

We were all ready for soccer season to end but now we are ready for it to start back up. Ethan has started playing soccer all over the house and Emerson is joining in. He likes to pretend that he is Coach Rick. It’s pretty funny to watch. He yells out “It’s a great day to play some soccer”. Then goes to town playing.




If you have a child that isn’t old enough to play soccer yet but is interested in it you should look into Mesquite Instructional Soccer.

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