Texas Flood

See photos of the destruction caused by Hurricane Harvey, the strongest hurricane to hit the United States since Charley in 2004.

Source: Photos: Hurricane Harvey slams Texas


This is just astounding to me. I remember holding little baby Ethan and watching CNN’s 24 hour coverage of Katrina as I learned how to breastfeed my first child. I was the most well informed person in my family about what was going on even though sometimes me head was bobbing and would bang against the wall as I would nod off at 3 am. Now we have this. In my head I feel ashamed for even comparing this hurricane to Katrina because there was so much loss of life and for Texas the death toll is still below 50 people. We are so fortunate. So many people listened and evacuated during the voluntary and then mandatory evacuations. But the amount of damage and hearing that some cities are a 100% lose and no one should return until told to. It’s sobering and then to watch the flooding in Houston and to hear the stories the size Houston’s population is 4 times that of New Orleans.  It’s amazing the death toll hasn’t been higher.

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