Thinking about 'school'

One of the things I have learned this year while homeschooling for preschool is that since we are home we don’t have to do school M-F 8 -3. I can do it any day and anytime of day.  I know that seems silly and kind of like a duh! thing but for me it was a big revelation and very freeing.

I’m getting ready to order our material for next year and am really getting antsy about it. I’m trying to wait, I read on their web site that they run discounts in April.  But I want it, I want to get it, and look at it, and plan. I might be a procrastinator but I love planning.  I know that I want to do a 4 day schedule and a co op. I’m also thinking about starting during the summer so that when the weather is nice in the fall we can get out and play and not worry about if we are getting behind.


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