Week 1, Day 1 and 2

This is going so much better then any previously attempted lapbooks. Monkey is interested and retaining information. He is really proud of it and unlike anything else we have done since August he showed it off to Big Daddy. We learned a little bit about the original Olympics, I left out the parts about animal sacrifices and skipped to the sports. He colored the a Canadian flag and a Greek flag. We have talked about time zones, all though I’m pretty sure that went over his head, but that’s okay he’s 4 I’m sure we’ll cover it again some day. We’ve learned about the Olympic flag and what the rings symbolize and also learned the Olympic motto which Monkey wrote in Latin and English.

Monkey can’t wait for the Olympics and we will start watching it tomorrow evening.  Some upcoming lessons include talking about eating healthy (because athletes have to eat healthy to stay in shape), we will talk about weather and keep a chart of Vancouver weather during the Olympics. We will learn a little about Canadian history. We will also choose a country to support and keep tracks of their medals and use that to learn about graphs.

I’m also learning, well of course I’m learning the information about the Olympics along with Monkey but I’m also learning to let go and let Monkey take the lead on the lapbook. We have skipped a couple of items that are way over his head and I’m letting him take control of the lapbook. I’m not forcing him to put items in certain places where *I* think they should go.


    • Melanie

      Brandy, this was seriously my last attempt and then I was going to ditch all my yahoo lapbooking groups. Ethan even asked today if we could work on it. I think after this one we’ll do a Cars one.

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