Week 1 Day 1

Monday we started school, the kids are I, I’m pretty sure were equally excited. The first half of the day went great. We did spelling and grammar first. I was surprised that Ethan already knew how to spell his words for the week. I’m not sure what I should do, if I should just stick with it or go ahead and purchase the next level up. From what I remember the curc was about $15, so no biggie if we need to move up. I’ll probably stick with this one for the next couple of weeks and if Ethan consistently knows the words will either skip through to find words in this book that he can’t spell or move up to second grade.

Grammar was interesting, it was an introduction to sentences. We briefly talked about sentences and what makes a sentence. Then Ethan needed to fill in a blank with a word to make a complete sentence. He wanted to make long complex sentences. It was kind of a beating and after the 1st really long sentence I put an end to it.

After, our break it all went downhill. Spelling and Grammar took about 45 minutes to complete. It took us 4 hours to complete math and science. It was not pretty. Ethan is really good at math but he can’t focus on it to save his life. I had to sit next to him and every couple of minutes remind him to focus. Science was new and he was upset that he didn’t have a lab to perform experiments in. He was ready to start concocting potions and curing the worlds worst diseases. When I explained that he couldn’t just jump right in he would need to learn things first he was pretty peeved. If he didn’t finish school for the day he wasn’t going to football practice and it literally came down right to the wire. Craig was out the door before Ethan finished.


  • Brandy

    I think you are brilliant to start school now. We haven’t been able to do that yet. I am working on getting things together, but still have organization to do. You are so good mom!!!

  • admin

    Thanks Brandy. I plan on pushing the start date up a little bit each year so that we go to school during the summer and have most of the spring off. The kids want to play outside all day during the spring and it’s too hot to play outside during the summer.

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