Week 1 in review

We have completed the first week of kindergarten. And if you are anything like Craig, yes I do realize it is summer. I think it makes more sense to go ahead and start now so when the weather is tolerable we will be able to go outside and play.

We completed Concept 1 Unit 1 Lessons 1-3 (Lesson 3 is a 2 day lesson and we haven’t done it yet), and Lesson 1 of RightStart Math. So far, it has not taken as long as I expected we are knocking it out in about an hour. We’ve only done Lesson one on RSM because I have managed to misplace the teacher’s manual. (bag over head for that one) I’m okay with that though because I really felt like I was insulting Ethan’s intelligence with lesson 1. The poor thing does addition in his head and I was talking to him about the numbers 1-3. It was basically math we were doing a year ago and this is level B. So when I find the teacher’s manual I need to sit down and figure out where to actually start.

He is enjoying Moving Beyond the Page (MBTP) we are learning about environments and habitats. And again he is bored with the copy work but he does need to work on writing his letters and numbers so we’re powering through that. He is also bothered that we aren’t going in alphabetical order – so far he has done B, H, M. Lesson 1 & 2 focused on maps and our environment and he has been kind of obsessed with maps the last couple of days and is drawing maps for everything.

We need to go to the library and check out some books but since we only have one car at the moment that will have to wait until Saturday.

I think next month we’ll go on a field trip to Fossil Rim. They have a couple of homeschool events coming up and I think we’ll go to this one and maybe this one if I can find someone else to take him. I’m pretty sure there is no way I could remain composed for 2 hours in a room with snakes and tarantulas.

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