Welcome Home

I’m sitting here waiting for the bread to bake and watching the rescue of the Chilean miners live on CNN. 3 of the 33 are up now and I find it amazing.  I really think that sums it all up. It’s amazing that they lived in the collapsed mine for 69 days.  Amazing that they were able to be rescued and way sooner then expected, remember the estimate was they would be down there until Christmas and it isn’t even Halloween yet. Amazing that it is, so far, going so smoothly with 1 miner an hour. I’m so antsy and wish they could do it faster but I understand that they want to be safe. The emotion on the awaiting families are amazing. The first man whose son burst into tears when he realized that his dad had reached the surface, OH MY GOD, my heart burst for him. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

Welcome home guys!!

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