What was lost is found

In the haze of having a third child I neglected my blog and did not renew it when it was time for renewal. It wasn’t until months after that when the fog began to clear that I realized I lost the years of blogs that I had kept. Some stupid and unimportant such as the menu plan monday blog hops but some, some it hurt my heart to lose. I didn’t keep baby books for my kiddos I kept a blog and when I failed to renew my blog I lost all their posts about them being little and new and sweet. I felt guilty and like a horrible horrible mother, how could I just toss aside my older children’s baby years with so little thought. Well this last week after much searching I found most of my blog posts tucked away on blogger. I’m not sure when I imported to blogger and I know they aren’t all back but I got most of them back.

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